We actualize challenging ideas!

We research, analyze, design, implement, productize and operate. In the journey from an idea to a product, efficiency and total quality are always our guide.
ETECube® is the Dataunitor AS research, design, development and engineering bench. We actualize the innovative ideas of both ours and Dataunitor AS customers’. We write concepts and validate them, develop prototypes and verify them, and create products out of the verified prototypes. We support our customers on the protection of their intellectual properties and in the operations and maintenance of the delivered products. ETECube® offers also Dataunitor AS datacenter in Renesøy, Norway to deliver the products in the form of platform or software as a service.

Many of our customers are small and medium scale enterprises and startups. We do not only relieve our customers in the SME category from their research and development risks but also share their financial risks. In addition to startups, we provide dynamic and agile research and development bench services also to bigger scale companies, and governmental or non-governmental organizations.

Our expertise includes multichannel human machine interface, big data and information fusion, explainable artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence, hyperautomation, mechatronic, modeling and simulation, serious gaming, datacenters and cyber security.

If you have an idea to actualize!


ETE Solutions


ETECube® has developed various nginr solutions that use nginr® as the backend. Currently these solutions include nginr-S for security and safety, nginr-P for countering illegal immigration, human smuggling, human trafficking, nginr-M for Joint ISR, nginr-I for OSINT and MASINT fusion.

ETECube® has delivered modeling and simulation (M&S) and serious gaming solutions to many customers. Our M&S and serious gaming solutions provide digital twins to visualize, communicate, analyze, predict, educate and train.

ETECube® is a research and development company on data science including data engineering, data management, data analytics, data security and privacy. We have developed expertise and proprietary tools related to big data, machine learning, data analytics and data mining. ETECube® offers its expertise and tools to provide tailored data science support.

ETECube® provides services to support Education Training Exercises Experimentations and Evaluations (ETE3).

ETECube® provides courses on the planning and execution of the ETE3 events.