The micro agent-based modeling and simulations platform enabling digital twins, serious games, experimentation, and training solutions.

Hybrid multi-domain operations and tactics simulator (hymots®) is a micro agent-based military constructive simulation platform, which is designed to achieve high scalability, performance and fidelity. The computations are highly parallelized enabled by hardware accelerated (GPU) processing techniques. The platform is developed to build an operations and tactics simulator for all domains including land, air, sea, space and cyber. It also includes a geostrategic game solution for hybrid environments.

An immersive user-experience based on a high definition 3D graphics is enabled by using the latest game engine rendering capabilities. The platform is enabled with a diverse set of ready and configurable components which can be orchestrated using a drag and drop graphical user interface. Examples of components are terrains, buildings, vehicles, weather, space weather, logistics, human and social behavior. Solutions can be deployed and accessed remotely in an MSaaS configuration supported by high performance simulations running in a datacenter. Our on-premise deployment options include local offline and even mobile installations.

The system also has modules to analyze and manage the exercise, training and experimentation objectives, to measure how they are met, to design and manage main incident lists and to synchronize them with simulations.

ETECube® staff includes internationally recognized experts on military experiments, exercises and wargames. They support the activities of our customers and deliver training on planning and programming exercises, developing settings, scenarios, main incident lists.

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